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Salon Rules

In order to maintain a calming and relaxing atmosphere, we have a no children policy in the salon. 

Due to limited seating we kindly ask that guest do not bring friends, relatives or children to wait for them during there service. 

Do we offer a consultation?


Yes we offer a FaceTime consultation for 20 minutes. This allows you to ask as many questions you may have regarding your hair type, texture, your cut or colour. This service is also for those with deeper concerns such as hair loss, thinning etc Our consultations are £20. We do not discuss services over the phone as we are an online service. If you have one or two questions prior to your service please email us at: and we will respond at our earliest convenience. Alternatively to book a FaceTime consultation please email us and we will get you booked in at our earliest date available.


How do you price your services?

Our service prices are based on the skills and expertise of our stylist as well as service duration. You are paying for more than a cut a treatment or a relaxer. Natalie will impart her knowledge as well as provide aftercare advice and product knowledge during the service. Ask the question and she’ll do her best to answer. 


How far ahead should I book my appointment?

Our diary dates are provided 2 months ahead. We suggest booking your appointment as soon as you know it to avoid disappointment. Our salon days are limited and early mornings and evenings are the first appointments to go. For specialist bookings eg. Weddings, photoshoots etc please email: 


Why do you have limited salon days?

Natalie  is a freelance stylist and a salon stylist. When Natalie is not in the salon she is providing freelance services from home to home for those that want a private more intimate service experience, or Natalie is on location for video shoots, weddings or celebrity appearances. We also promote work life balance at MO ISO, That being said if Natalie is ding none of the above she is a wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter, at the gym, shopping....... the list could go on.


Why do you charge more for a freelance service?

A freelance service is given on a 1-2-1 basis in the privacy of your home or a location of your choice. This specialist service carries a specialist fee which is inclusive of time, distance and location. When hiring a freelance stylist you are securing their time and expertise personally for you. Once they leave there home to head to your location they cannot provide a service to anyone else. That time is charged to you and the service you have requested. 




Please email us at for a freelance service. 


What if I cannot afford the freelance service?

We can still provide the service of your choice within the salon. Natalie aims to meet the needs of every client. Freelancing is her main service area but she wants every client to have “The MO ISO Experience”. The salon prices are lower than the freelance prices. Our service prices are based on the skills and expertise of our stylist.


Why do I have to pay a deposit and why is it non refundable?


A non refundable deposit is required as security for you as the Client. It also helps to ensure that our stylist time isn’t unfairly taken by people who are unlikely to show up for there appointment. It is non refundable as our service time is valuable. When you book an appointment 1-3, sometimes 4 hours is blocked out for your service, If you do not show up or try to cancel last minute we are unable to fill that booking. A non refundable deposit avoids providing a service to those that do not respect our time and the service we provide. Please refer to our terms and conditions regarding lateness, cancellation and NO-SHOWS. 


What if I do not agree to a non refundable deposit?

Once you have booked your appointment you have agreed to our terms and conditions. If you disagree you are entitled to take your business elsewhere with no commitment. 

Do you take card payments in the salon?

We take both cash and card payments in the salon and for our premium freelance services. Premium freelance bookings secure their bookings with an online transfer, you can settle the balance of your service via the same method also.


What is needed to book a freelance service?

Please provide the service, date and time you want and then send an email including your postcode and we will confirm your freelance booking via email. 

Please email


Are there any specifications required to hire a stylist to my home? 

Yes when booking a stylist to your home you need to provide 3 things. 

* A place for them to work, rest their equipment and tools with adequate lighting. 

* A working shower over a bath or sink. A shower cubicle or enclosure will not suffice. 

* A chair 

*If you have young children please ensure you have someone there to care for them while you are getting your service done.

Natalie is also ALLERGIC to PETS, please ensure they are out of the house or alternatively please make a salon appointment.

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