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Here at MO ISO we recognise that we are holistic beings, mind, spirit, body and soul. When one or more areas of our lives are not being met we feel incomplete. We recognise the importance of balance and our goal is to change the lives of every person we see one hairstyle or makeover at a time. 

The MO ISO Experience intends to leave a lasting impression that focuses on inward beauty and adorns your outward appearance. We believe that you are enough just as you are but should you desire more, why not start with your hair, face, fitness or fashion. It's your time to reflect on what would bring you true happiness. Internal health will always reflect your external beauty. We provide a safe place of serenity, tranquility and peace. Treat yourself to your first experience today.


Natalie Rodney-Powell is the Founder & CEO of Make Me Over Inside Out Ltd (MO ISO). Natalie has over 20 years experience in the industry. She is a self-taught master stylist & barber who recognised her gifting of cutting at the age of 16 when she cut and styled her own hair for the first time in the classic asymmetric bob. It was evident that she had a passion for all elements of fashion but her ever changing hairstyles and cuts drew the most attention. 


At a young age she had the ability to bring about holistic transformation through a cut and style. “My hands, one moment = transformation”.  Natalie went on to study at, London College of Fashion gaining her diploma in hair and makeup for film and tv. She has since worked as a session stylist providing a personal service to women and men throughout the UK. Hairstyling is her first love but she cannot be boxed in. She is also an afro hair educator, public speaker,  1/3 member of 3reemums podcast and personal stylist within tv and film, wife and mother of 2. 

Natalie is no stranger to many UK talents as well as international artists having worked with the Kingdom Choir, known synonymously for their performance of "Stand by me' at Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's Royal wedding, Amber Riley (Glee), Deborah Ayorinde (Them, Amazon), Singer/Songwriter & Author Sharlene-Monique (31 Diamond Thoughts vol.1) and 2x Mobo award winning saxophonist Yolanda Brown to name a few.

Natalie provides a first class service to anyone she meets. Her desire is to empower every client to become their best self, living a holistic life of balance. Whether you are a working professional, stay at home mother or a celebrity you are valued and you have purpose.


Her motto is, ‘ I know it’s just hair but it’s a great place to start’. MO ISO was birthed through her own personal pursuit of inward and outward balance. All the things that will lead you onto a path of self discovery can be found here. 


© 2022 MO ISO

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