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Due to new government guidelines service times may take a little longer to ensure all hygiene standards and social distancing standards are adhered too. We will need a few minutes in between clients to disinfect our workstation/tools/equipment.


•Please arrive for the exact time of your service and wait outside. We will unlock the door at the time of your service. 


•You will be required to wear a mask for the duration of your service. If you are exempt from wearing a mask please state the reason why in the notes on your booking or via email prior to your service.

Hand sanitiser will be supplied on entry and exit of the salon and your temperature will be taken at the door before you enter. 


•We will now keep client records with all your information including your temperature at the time of your service. Please ensure your COVID-19 form is filled out prior to attending your service. This form must be filled out prior to every appointment you have with MO ISO.


Please keep all personal belongings to a minimum. If you have on an outer garment that requires hanging up we will show you where it goes and you will hang this up yourself.


Food is no longer permitted during your service. However if you are having a long service of 2-4 hours where there are periods you will be alone under the steamer, hooded dryer or waiting while a colour or chemical is processing you may remove your mask and consume something whilst your stylist is away.


If you or anyone you have been around recently displays any symptoms of COVID-19 please contact us immediately to cancel your appointment.

We totally understand that a last minute cancellation due to COVID-19 may be out of your control. Our 72hr cancellation policy stands under all other circumstances and your deposit will be lost if you provide less than 72hrs notice. If you have to cancel due to COVID-19 symptoms for yourself or someone you have been exposed to we will only keep £30 of your deposit or 50% if your deposit is greater than £60. The remainder of your deposit will be transferred to a new booking. If your deposit is less than £30 unfortunately it will be lost If you cancel with MO ISO for a second time due to COVID-19 symptoms your full deposit will be lost and full terms and conditions will apply. (see terms and conditions)

You must come alone to your appointment. You cannot have anyone accompany you. If you require assistance to attend an appointment with MO ISO please advise us beforehand and we will confirm whether it is possible for us to accommodate your appointment.

We share the salon with 2 other businesses and our concern at all times is the safety and well being of both clients and staff at all times.

Our promise to you.....

We will ensure all standards of hygiene will be met upon every visit.

We will always have the correct protective clothing on  for the duration of every service. Gloves will be worn for as long as possible in every service. Eg. Thermal styling services they will be removed.

A fresh gown will be used for every client in the chair or a disposable gown.

All tools, combs, brushes, razors and clippers will be washed and sterilised prior to every service. To ensure we do not have to wait long in between services for sterilisation we have purchased multiples of all of our tools.


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